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This database was put together with the collaborative effort of those in the #ME community. It was made public at the request of one of the researchers who believed that more people would benefit from a site where information about the effect could easily be found.  This a subdomain to meobserver.info, a community based social network, which is still (as is this site) under development.

How This Site Works

The functions of the site have been made to allow users to use their search preference, whether visual, categorically, or in the form of data.

The gathering of research of the Mandela Effect has been done mostly on an individual basis, and occasionally through groups on social networking platforms.  The intention of this site is to gather the research which has been published by various sources and compile it for public consumption. In addition to the entries which are being worked on in this site, the community is invited to post effects on the submission page.  If you’d like to submit an effect, please try and link to or upload residue or a consensus video. The page allows for up to 3 entry submissions anonymously and each submission will remain in pending status until it is confirmed and approved. For users who would like to submit effects on a regular basis, please consider becoming an editor.

An Alternative to Popular Social Networks

This subdomain is attached to meobserver.info (AKA: The Main Site) which is an additional place where users can join, so as to not necessarily divulge their experiences on other social media platforms. The internet offers many places to communicate, but among the affected, there have been various reports of shadow-banning, feelings of inability to openly share effects (for fear of derogatory replies), and others have a sense of mistrust for popular social network platforms altogether. While being shadow-banned for telling the truth sounds somewhat complimentary, it comes with its own set of suffering, as it has caused some #ME content users to feel like their hard work (in sharing their observations) is in vain.

Besides building this site for information purposes, it is being created with the option to join a community site that focuses on the affected. The point behind building a community site is so that it’s users have someplace where they don’t have to weed between an entire social network platform, just to find bits and pieces of information and/or try to find others who are actually affected (and not just interested in the effect out of curiosity).

For more information, data sharing or feedback, use the contact form or write to me@meobserver.info.

*Attribution (where requested) will be found in the post section of each effect.